I look and feel like crap~ (✧‿✧✿)

Please stop calling this a nation of immigrants. We are not a nation of immigrants. We are a nation of colonizers, ex-slaves, ghosts of genocide victims, and preferred immigrants.
---Maurice Lucas Goes IN (via sonofbaldwin)
Dita Von Teese just released a gorgeous lingerie line for breast-feeding mothers. it’s incredible

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I keep trying to do my makeup but I keep crying lol

Oh yeah this happened.

the idea of spongebob screaming this is absurdly amusing to me

well my laptop charger broke. fun. time to get dressed and pick one up at target or some shit

Sarah loved Clem enough to tell at carver and considering how she is dead terrified of carver that means a lot and ugh I’m so mad telltale killed off Sarah I’m mad I’m mad I’m mad


so i guess all i draw is flowers now thats ok (work in progress)

Seriously, keeping in mind how frightened Sarah is of Carver and of violence in general, her speaking out for Clem here is a big fucking deal. Give her some respect, all right?


reason number 9237 why mike is a darling angel

Rest in peace, sweet girl. I’m gonna miss you so much. You deserved better.